Announcing the start of the global system to prevent fraud, counterfeiting and protect fair competition from Cairo. Mr. Walid Issa the economist declared the organization of a conference dated August 10, 2015 in Cairo Marriott Hotel, to announce the launch of the global system to prevent fraud, counterfeiting and protect fair competition, in the presence of a group of public personalities, Celebrities, as well as inviting Mr. President of the Republic, the Prime Ministers, the ministers, group of heads of regulatory bodies, trade union and government officials, media agents, journalists, well known businessmen, and experts from various fields. Mr. Issa added that an Egyptian universal agreement will be signed between Verum, NTG Egypt, Inovatian Group. Inovatian Group owned by the Egyptian-Canadian Dr. engineer Hatim Zaghloul, who is considered one of the greatest ten personalities in Canada, who has contributed in the development of humanity. Dr. Hatem Zaghloul is the inventor of the Wi-Fi technology and one of the main inventors of technology of 4G and who is currently working on marketing worldwide and exclusively the latest Wireless technology – the hyMesh Wi-Fi – which is considered to be the nucleus technology of the sixth generation (6 G) for the first time in the world from Egypt. NTG Egypt, specialized in consultation; directed by Engineer Adel Zaghloul the chairman who managed the restructuring of many international, Egyptian, and American companies. The Cooperation between the three companies will result in the composition of a universal company to fight fraud, counterfeiting and protect the fair competition under the name of Verum AC – Verum Anti-counterfeiting – through mobile application registered in the name of Mr. Walid Issa in 184 countries around the world.


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