We have a number of new designs for solar heaters for different stages of heating from simple warm water for home water heaters to 250DEGC steam boilers. These home heaters are innovative in that they include a new wind turbine design that does not suffer from the dust issue plaguing windmills in Egypt. The electricity is needed for the cases where it is cloudy many consecutive days. We have a 300W generator complimenting the system. This technology can be used for desalination as well. Steam Boiler is representing the main energy source for most of the factories to feed energy to most of manufacturing processes. Most steam boilers are burning coal, gasoline, oil, or natural gas as fuel sources. All of them burn fuel to heat water, and evaporate it to generate steam, then to superheat the steam to increase its energy content. Our solution is based on benefiting from collecting and concentrating the thermo-solar energy using our own unique design for a solar trough, that has optimal manufacturing techniques, leading to achieve our target of having an innovative trough product that can meet the highest engineering standards in a cost efficient model reduce its cost to be less than any imported solar trough system.


Solar Boiler Trend & WindSolo Water Heater

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PVSolor Water Heater

PVSolor Water Heater

WIPO Award- Merging both Wind & Solar Energies

WIPO Aard- Merging both Wind & Solar Energies