hyMesh™ is a proprietary patented technology that offers high-speed, high-bandwidth, scalable mesh network system as a solution for many applications that require high-speed multi-hop wireless transmission over long distances. It is a robust Drop & Go system that can be easily deployed by anyone without previous wireless experience, using inexpensive non‑proprietary hardware combined with the hyMesh™ Firmware developed by SRD Innovations Inc. hyMesh™ is interoperable with other WiFi devices, and supports access point (AP) and backhaul capabilities making it compatible with existing wireless infrastructure.

hyMesh in Action

The hyMesh™ Firmware operates on a Linux-based platform that works with any non‑proprietary hardware. This is an important advantage, as hyMesh™ benefits from the multi-billion dollar R&D expenditure by hardware manufacturers that offer high-powered yet inexpensive radios that are commercially available in large volumes.
Currently the hyMesh™ Firmware is only ported onto select Ubiquiti radios within the airMax™ family of products. These products typically feature a wireless and an Ethernet interface. However, hyMesh™ is not limited to just these two interfaces. It can also be applied to any device with any wired or wireless media including: USB, Bluetooth, 900MHz devices, Zigbee,  and more.

Tunis Demonstration May 2016

hyMesh Presentation

Download (PDF, 1.73MB)

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