Cairo and Dubai, May 23rd, 2016 – Inovatian Inc. is pleased to announce that one of its group of companies, IPL Media Inc. for Technology of Egypt, has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Netgesture of Dubai for the sale of its hyMesh™ intelligent self-configuring, self-healing WiFi mesh routers in Sudan.

Netgesture is a Dubai company founded by a group of telecommunications veterans led by Engineer Moataz Matarawy. Netgesture is in the business of commercializing new technologies around the Middle East through its vast network of contacts.

The hyMesh™ technology is an innovative technology that allows WiFi routers to talk to each other in search of the Internet or any particular router if a direct path between the routers cannot be found. It also has a unique pipelining technology that allows a link to utilize the full bandwidth of the routers once a path has been identified. The technology has been designed and utilized in the demanding wireless seismic data collection field and has been demonstrated successfully in the Calgary Music Festival in 2014 and a demonstration has been done in Tunisia in May 2016 that was attended by representatives of all the mobile operators in Tunisia.

The hyMesh™ technology is capable of providing ubiquitous internet coverage to wide areas at very low cost and is ideal for 3G offloading applications as well as providing internet to stadiums and large parks. They have proved to be a good solution for areas with tough topology or high vegetation like forests.

Inovatian Inc. is a company incorporated in Egypt for the purpose of global commercialization of innovative technologies. It is loosely affiliated with a number of companies around the globe such as IPL Media Inc. for Technology, Innovative Products for Life Inc. of Alberta, Canada, and Fal Inovatian Inc. of Qatar amongst others.