and Haugesund, May 30th, 2016 – Inovatian Group is pleased to announce that one of its group of companies Inovatian Inc. of Egypt has signed a none exclusive Global Agency Agreement with TAREC-IN of Norway for the sales of the hyMesh™ intelligent self-configuring, self-healing WiFi mesh routers.

That’s why it was very convenient that TAREC IN and Inovatian Group cooperate together to present and introduce the state of the art latest revolutionary technology in the wireless telecommunications world the hyMesh™ technology, being of a unique competitive advantage that provides a distinguished value proposition, as the only self configuring and self healing WI-FI mesh network in the world.

Founded by Svein-Gaute Bleivik has more than 45 years of experience from the European and international telecom business. Being a pioneer from Telenor’s international mobile operations with senior technical positions held in GrameenPhone (Bangladesh), DiGi Telecom (Malaysia), Esat Digifone (Ireland), ViagInterkom GmbH (Germany), and as senior technical advisor in Telenor Global Coordination (Telenor’s Global mobile operations). In this period he has also held responsibility as PM for several major telecom projects, as 2nd Vendor swap in Malaysia.

He has broad experience within network planning, optimization, roll-out, RFQ-processes and project management, and holds a large network of contacts within the telecom industry. He has served as SVP and CTO within an international Asset Recovery company, outlining and establishing business processes, specifying project documentation and prerequisites for logistics and project execution. He is acting Technical Director for EBI (Emergence Bioenergy Inc), a start-up company within small-scale clean energy business, and for another innovative undisclosed start-up company engaged in enhancement of the digital world, settling partnerships with vital players for an initial project phase. Assisting in provision and development of business plan, funding, specifications, implementation plan and setting out of company strategies and targets.

14247876_10154471752169104_1710994637_oHe is now acting Senior Consultant for partner DTC-Telecom Ltd, focusing Reverse Logistics, and acting Senior Agent for Kloudspun LCC and Seccom AS, providers of advanced software solutions for the telecoms and other global sensitive business. Now serving at HAEFA Foundation and its “Health On Wheels” project as Senior Global Adviser, supporting development of health data/diagnostic management.


Dr. Hatim Zaghloul CEO of Inovatian Group is recognized as a visionary leader in the global hi-tech community. He co-founded Wi-LAN Inc., and under his direction, the technology he co-invented with Dr. Michel Fattouche became the heart of many wireless communications standards. He has published extensively in technical journals and holds over ten patents. Dr. Zaghloul envisioned in 1991 how WOFDM technology can become the main driver for all wideband wireless communications applications including wireless local area networking, wide area networking and cellular telephony.

He has co-founded and served as a Director on a variety of Boards, specifically in the high-technology arena including Wi-LAN Inc. (www.wi-lan.com) Cell-Loc Inc (www.cell-loc.com); DTS Inc. (www.dtsx.com); Imaging Dynamics Corp. (www.imagingdynamics.com); Wireless Inc. (www.wire-less-inc.com); QCC Technologies Inc. (www.qcc.ca), NTG Clarity Networks Inc. (www.ntgclarity.com),  Solutrea Corp.as well as other private entities.

He is currently the CEO and Chairman of IPL Media Inc. for Technology. He has been awarded many awards: Named one of 10 Great Canadians by MacLeans’ Magazine in July 2000; Calgarian of the Year 2000 with Dr. Fattouche. Entrepreneur of the Year finalist for 2 consecutive years; First Broadband Wireless Hall of Fame inductee; 2000 Pinnacle Award by Fraser Milner law firm. Dr. Zaghloul led Wi-LAN Inc. from its inception in 1993 till 2008.

TAREC-IN provides Telecom Advanced Resources for operators by offering a broad range of Engineering and Consulting services Internationally. Holding decades of experience coupled with eagerness for innovative and dynamic new ideas to solve challenges or grab unexploited opportunities.

Engaging in telecom business strategies for build out of new technologies/services and solutions for revenue generation, efficiency, opex saving, environmental gains for power supply and recycling of obsolete gear.

TAREC-IN is enthusiastically supporting new initiatives that may provide enhancements within the telecom business and support to Start-Ups ranges from:

  • introduction of green clean energy for tower-sites
  • e2e encrypted and Nato confidential certified communication system
  • soft tools reducing time2market for new services, simplifying network control, providing network simulation and a more efficient planning process
  • new concepts for improved control, simplicity and revenue within digital services.
  • “Health On Wheels” project aiming to provide SW health data/diagnosis management.

TAREC IN provides Telecom Advanced Resources within Engineering & Consultancy to mobile network operator, providing 2.5G GSM, 3G UMTS or 4G LTE services in order to maintain and develop those networks with the best and latest services at optimal grade of service quality, speed and capacity. Fixed operators faced with maintaining service levels and link utilizations whilst down scaling their PSTN/ISDN services, replacing for new IP-based or wireless technology.

Advanced analyses and simulations of current and future network capabilities are desired both for control of the daily operation as for the planning of network expansions and introduction of new technology. With rapid growth of new services and bandwidth demands these exercises are needed regularly and require engineering expertise and experience. The goal is to maximize assets utilization whilst maintaining quality levels as network is expanded and modernized.

TAREC IN provides tools that should catch networks inventory and configuration data from NMS/OSS databases, enabling visualization of the network on screen and allowing for setting of downscaling, failures, catastrophes, rerouting, capacity build with multiple technologies all focusing minimizing capex and find the optimal timing of expansions, simultaneously overlooking utilization rate and blocking both currently in live network, as well as in new network design. Such downscaling and swap-out task is a complex one, keeping current services alive whilst changing technologies and architecture. Tool based simulations may ease the pain and cost.

The hyMesh™ technology is an innovative technology that allows WiFi routers to talk to each other in search of the Internet or any particular router if a direct path between the routers cannot be found. It also has a unique pipelining technology that allows a link to utilize the full bandwidth of the routers once a path has been identified. The technology has been designed and utilized in the demanding wireless seismic data collection field and has been demonstrated successfully in the Calgary Music Festival in 2014 and a demonstration has been done in Tunisia in May 2016 that was attended by representatives of all the mobile operators in Tunisia.

The hyMesh™ technology is capable of providing ubiquitous internet coverage to wide areas at very low cost and is ideal for 3G offloading applications as well as providing internet to stadiums and large parks. They have proved to be a good solution for areas with tough topology or high vegetation like forests.

Inovatian Inc., is a company incorporated in Egypt for the purpose of global commercialization of innovative technologies. It is loosely affiliated with a number of companies around the globe such as IPL Media Inc. for Technology, Innovative Products for Life Inc. of Alberta, Canada, and Fal Inovatian Inc. of Qatar amongst many others.