October 16, 2017

Acasys Group

In March 2017, Inovatian signed with the Acasys Group, the leading construction and development group in Malaysia, a memorandum of understanding to form the Acasys Consortium to build new developments with advanced technologies to make the projects produce their own energy, food and manage their waste as well as very comfortable to live in. Inovatian will manage the technology introduction …

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October 14, 2017

Dr. Zaghloul’s Interview with Alwatan Newspaper on Oct 14, 2017

مخترع الـ«واى فاى»: مبادرة «السيسى» للمشروعات القائمة على الإبداع «خطوة على طريق التطور».. ويجب تغيير القوانين لخدمة الابتكار قال الدكتور حاتم زغلول، العالم المصرى مخترع تقنية الـ«واى فاى»، إن المصريين قادرون على الإبداع والابتكار، وإن الشعب مخترع بالفطرة أو بالضرورة، مشيراً إلى أنه من الضرورى على الدولة دعم المبتكرين وإزالة كافة المعوقات التى تواجههم، موضحاً أن الشعب المصرى من أكثر …

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April 1, 2016

Egyptian scientist initiates trial project for public Wi-Fi in Tunisia

A trial project that would establish a public Wi-Fi network in Tunisia is being led by Egyptian scientist Hatim Zaghloul, chairperson of Hikmah Capital Corp and CEO of Iplmedia. The Wi-Fi network will depend on high-technology routers that connect to one another with wireless internet in a way that does not influence the service’s quality in the event of a malfunction in [...] Continue reading
April 1, 2016

IPL Signs a Partnership with Qoudra

Eng Mahmoud Darwish with Dr. Hatim Zaghloul IPL Signed a partnership agreement with Qoudra for IPL to manage the technology protection and commercialization for Qoudra. Qoudra is developing a Blutetooth technology for mobile adhoc networks. Qoudra has also developed a number of innovative products such as a back-pack bag with a Bluetooth proximity sensor capable to detecting whether tagged items [...] Continue reading
April 1, 2016

IPL Signs an Exclusive Distribution Agreement with Leena Tech

Eng. Ayman Tolba with Dr. Hatim Zaghloul. IPL Media signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Leena for the distribution of a number of state of the art technologies developed by Leena. These include MyCloudFence, an encryption application that encrypts and decrypts files on public drives; CashLess Life, a complete hardware and software for large communities (guests of a hotel, clients [...] Continue reading