We have established a number of loosely affiliated companies that collect patentable ideas or existing patents/technologies from primarily Arab inventors and first check that the idea is sound and feasible; second check that it can commercialized generating an order of magnitude more revenues than it would cost to protect the idea. Thirdly, file and maintain patents on the ideas. Develop products based on the idea and sell those products. At every stage, the company will try to test the market value of the idea at that stage and attempt to sell for the maximum value.

The company’s market is twofold: first from licensing or selling its intellectual property and second from selling products based on its patented technologies.

Our companies span many continents: Innovative Products for Life Inc. which was established in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 2005 to help market innovative products developed by others as well as by its founders. IPL Media Inc. for Technology was established in 2009 in Egypt to develop and market websites and mobile applications. Inovatian Inc. was incorporated in Egypt in May 2016 to perform R&D for the group and to market the technologies of the group of companies in the Middle East. In 2018, we incorporated Inovatian Horizons Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia, USA to lead some of our international effort.

Intellectual Property in the Middle East:

Intellectual property protection has played little role in Arab culture for two main reasons: the Arabs are typically a generous race and the concept of owning an idea and excluding others from using or charging them for using it is a strange one to Arab thinking. The second reason is a derivative from the first one which is there is no respect for intellectual property: copying of music and movies is rampant in much of the Arab world; copying of books and computer programs is most common. To illustrate this issue one needs to only think that a great Arab author like Anis Mansour translated many books without mentioning in the least that he translated them and actually claiming full authorship in many interviews. This is definitely true of his series about those who came and then returned to the sky which were all from the works of Erich von Daniken.

Arabs for the most part have tended to lag in the industrialization race. Accordingly, their populations only recently had access to many of modern technologies. Together with that the most populous Arab country, Egypt, is rather poor, its population had to invent many gadgets to cope with many of the difficulties of everyday life. So, the Arab world is fertile with ideas and inventions that have never been registered and most likely not even considered inventions by their developers.

In contrast, the Western world led by the United States led the world in protecting intellectual property and inventors like Edison, Bell and Tesla became very well known for their numerous useful inventions.

Inovatian Group had established Inovatian Horizons Inc. in Atlanta,  Georgia USA in August 2017 to be its North American hub for doing business across the Americas tieing together its Middle-Eastern and Asia Pacific activites.

Who Are We?

Hatim Zaghloul in Brooklyn May 2013

Hatim Zaghloul in Brooklyn May 2013

Dr. Hatim Zaghloul is recognized as a visionary leader in the Canadian hi-tech community. In 1992, Dr. Zaghloul co-founded Wi-LAN Inc., and under his direction, the technology he co-invented with Dr. Michel Fattouche became the heart of many wireless communications standards. Dr. Zaghloul holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Cairo University as well as a M.Sc. and a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Calgary.


Dr. Zaghloul has published extensively in technical journals and holds over ten patents. Dr. Zaghloul envisioned in 1991 how WOFDM technology can become the main driver for all wideband wireless communications applications including wireless local area networking, wide area networking and cellular telephony.

Time Magazine article in March 2000 About Hatim Zaghloul

Time Magazine article in March 2000 About Hatim Zaghloul

Dr. Zaghloul has served as a Director on a variety of Boards, specifically in the high-technology arena including Wi-LAN Inc. (www.wi-lan.com) Cell-Loc Inc (www.cell-loc.com); DTS Inc. (www.dtsx.com); Imaging Dynamics Corp. (www.imagingdynamics.com); Wireless Inc. (www.wire-less-inc.com); QCC Technologies Inc. (www.qcc.ca), NTG Clarity Networks Inc. (www.ntgclarity.com),  Solutrea Corp.as well as other private entities. Dr. Zaghloul is currently the CEO and Chairman of IPL Media Inc. for Technology.

Business in Calgary Cover Photo December 2000

Business in Calgary Cover Photo December 2000

Dr. Zaghloul co-founded Wi-LAN Inc., Cell-Loc Inc., NTG Clarity, QCC

Technologies Inc., Wireless Inc., IPL Media Inc., IPL Media Inc. for Technology, Innovative Products for Life Inc., the Solutrea group of companies.  Dr. Zaghloul has been awarded many awards: Named one of 10 Great Canadians by MacLeans’ Magazine in July 2000; Calgarian of the Year 2000 with Dr. Fattouche by

magazine; Entrepreneur of the Year finalist for 2 consecutive years; First Broadband Wireless Hall of Fame inductee; 2000 Pinnacle Award by Fraser Milner law firm. Dr. Zaghloul led Wi-LAN Inc. from its inception in 1993 till 2008. Dr.

MrYoussef Americani PhotoYoussef Amricani,MS AE, President, Inovatian Horizons Inc., Atlanta, Georgia, USA:

Yousef graduated as an MS in Architectural Engineering from Pacific International University, San Diego, California.

Yousef ran his own construction development business as well as export and import business for thirty two years. He has joined the Inovatian team since 2016 and has been instrumental in developing the business of the corporation.



MrAshraf Elsherif

Ashraf Elsherif, BSc, Chief Strategist :

Ashraf began his career as a Product Specialist at Borg Warner International in Chicago, and was promoted to Regional Manger for Central and South America and the Caribbean. He spent several years as a Regional Director for the same area at Westinghouse International in New York, where he helped the firm enter the market and grew market share to 10%.

Ashraf then had several successful years as a joint venture partner in Saudi Arabia enterprises that partnered with European and American companies to bid on government projects. He later moved to London, where he worked as a management consultant focused on productivity optimisation. His most recent project was as Senior Consultant to the Board of Directors of Fountainhead, a Geneva-based multinational specializing in food products, where he managed to triple profits in under five years to just under USD 100 million.

Ashraf graduated from UC Berkeley with a BSc in Chemical Engineering.

He has joined Inovatian in 2016 and has been a great asset for the company.



Rashid PhotoRashed Haydar, President, Inovatian Inc. Canada: Rashed Haydar is our Canadian Division President. He is also leading our design and development team worldwide. Before joining our team, He was the Vice President Engineering for SRD Innovations before becoming a director of the board. Prior to that, Rashed held many positions in both management and engineering and development capacity. He was the General Manager of Innovative Products for Life Inc. He has also previously served as the Director of Development of Proprietary Technologies at Wi-LAN Inc.; directly running and guiding the development of a number of successful projects in both MC-DSSS and WOFDM technologies. He also started and managed a number of personal and family businesses. Mr. Haydar holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics and Communications from the Beirut Arab University (a branch of the Alexandria University).


Hashem Kotby, VP Business Development (LinkedIn Profile): Inovatian Group

Hashem first  joined the Inovatian Group in 2013. He served at IPL media, Inc.  as its Senior Vice President and worked with Dr. Hatim Zaghloul as a Co-founder of a voluntarily national initiative named 3ashanekyamasr.com “just for you Egypt” that was to be the biggest think tanks e-bank for ideas concerned of supporting the development of Egypt economically in diversified fields and domains during January 2013 up till August 2014.

Hashem had  joined CARDUSA, Inc., of Florida, USA, in October 2010 as VP for International Business Development in The Middle East, Africa, and Asia. He is a 20 years Telecom veteran, Media Consultant, and as an Entrepreneur across 4 continents (USA, EU, Africa, and Asia). He earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Communications and Electronics Engineering from Cairo University, 1996. Worked on his Dual Executive MBA from UCLA NUS –University of California Los Angeles “The Anderson School of Management” and the National University of Singapore” – that takes place in USA, Singapore, China, and India, being the first Egyptian to be enrolled for this distinguished global EMBA program, May 2008.

Dr Adeel Akram

Dr Adeel Akram (fms.uettaxila.edu.pk/Profile/adeel.akram)

Dr Adeel Akram graduated with a BSc in EE UET, Lahore, Pakistan. He obtained his MSc in 2000 from NUST College, Rwalpindi, Pakistan and his PhD in 2007 from UET Texila, Paksitan. He has since worked as staff in UET Texila and is currently the dean of engineering. He is also the Director, University Computerization and Network Enhancement Program (UCNEP). He is a very active researcher and specializes in mesh networking, software programming, mobile networking, and RFID.
His title with us is head of InoMesh R&D.


Ehab Ibrahim Gomaa, Developer

Graduated from Faculty of Computer and Information systems – Bani-Suef University with honors in 2017.
Is working on web developments and mesh coding.

Ahmed Saeed, Hatim Zaghloul and Mohammed Yousy in Tanta, April 2016

Ahmed Saeed, Hatim Zaghloul and Mohamed Yousri in Tanta, April 2016

Ahmed Saeed & Mohamed Yousri co-founders of Inovatian Inc.

Saeed is an Embedded Systems Engineer works at several projects as solutions to many companies and Yousri is a Nuclear Engineer participated in projects of high density plasma, plasma etching and health physics. They have some publications in the HCI (Human Computer Interface) field. They founded companies in some industries like 3d printing supplying and participated in others like (import & export) companies. They launched a project of gating facility in radiotherapy (this patent is under filling) which the branch of health physics engineering. Also they work in shielding material development and human signal intake.

Selfie of Najat with Rashed and Salim in the background.

Selfie of Najat with Rashed and Salim in the background.

Najat Bin Ali and Salim Zaouali: Country Manager and Sales Representative

Salim after installing hyMesh unit on the Admin building of Qotb ElGhazala

Salim after installing hyMesh unit on the Admin building of Qotb ElGhazala

respectively, Tunisia.

Najat has a Maîtrise en Arabe Faculté de Lettres et de Siences Humaines, the University of Sousa, Tunisia, in 2004. Najat has always had a passion for business.

Salim has a BSc in Chemistry from the Faculté de sciences Sfax Université in 2015. Salim is a very active individual and volunteered extensively during the 2014 parliamentary elections in Tunisia.